Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It's our last day in Paris today and tomorrow start heading back home. The first day we got here we were able to go see the Louvre. We stood in this massive line that wrapped around the Louvre, and the Louvre isn't small. Luckily it moved fast, Rica timed it and it took about an hour to get through the line which isn't back considering how big the line was. It was absolutely amazing to be able to finally walk through the Louvre. Of course I went to go see the Mona Lisa which was so congested it felt like a mosh pit. Once your were in you were literally stuck. Hard to get a picture. Then I went to go see some other really neat statues. You could spend days in there but I got lost a couple of times and went in circles so I called it good. I saw all the important things I wanted to see. We also walked over to see the Notre Dame cathedral which was really really cool. We went inside and they had just started mass and heard someone singing. It was nice and serene compared to the hectic outside world. We decided to go back and wait at the Louvre's shopping center/cafe area until it got dark so we could see the pyramid lit up. Well we waited until 10:30 and finally found out that they don't light it on that night for some reason. So to say the least.. we tried. Maybe next time I can see it at night :)

The next day we headed to go see the famous arch and of course the Eiffel tower. We missed our stop on the metro and had to walk a ways to get to the arch, but we found some really cool buildings along the way. We finally got to the arch and then headed to the Eiffel tower. WOW I was more then impressed with the Eiffel tower. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was definitely better then I could have ever imagined! I will come back someday with Nick for sure and we will have to go to the top and it will be so romantic :) Paris I would say is definitely for lovers.

It's hard to believe that my Europe trip is almost over. It's really crazy to think that it has been a month since I started this journey. Nothing could have been more perfect on this whole trip. Except of course if Nick came with me :) I will be back someday that's for certain it's so beautiful here :)

random rainbow tower

awesome architecture

me and the rainbow

the Eiffel tower and I

bottom view

the Famous Arch

sunset at the Louvre

this guy goes right into the fountains and starts picking up coins. We think well maybe he's with the Louvre, but then we notice he's only picking up bigger coins. No shame.

a delicious big mac on the 4th of July at the Louvre

Notre Dame

building growing on a bush

cool band playing outside of the Louvre they're really good Yordan.fr check them out!
All of us at the Louvre

my favorite sculpture

Da Vinci code

Mona Lisa

me and the Venus

The Louvre and I

inside the pyramid

this is an "empty" hall at the Louvre... seriously SO packed

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